NeOropa with Michel Godard

NeOropa – New Jazz from the Old World

NeOropa Michel Godard (tuba, serpent) • Oene van Geel (viola, violin, cajon) • Sanem Kalfa (vocals) • George Dumitriu (guitar, viola, violin) • Steven Kamperman (clarinets)

How would a contemporary Estampie or Sarabande sound? And how can plainchant and ecclesiastical modes lead to chromatic music?

For NeOropa, clarinettist and composer Steven Kamperman sought for inspiration in early European (folk) music. Music with haunting melodies, enchanting drones and catchy rhythms. But his approach is contemporary and surprising: adventurous jazz improvisations, modern rhythms and even a touch of Mediterranean import play roles of significance.

Two names in the line-up stand out: French tuba player Michel Godard not only is a giant of the tuba in improvised music, he is also a phenomenon on the Medieval serpent in early music. Boy Edgar Prize winner Oene van Geel makes his viola sing and alternates inspired solos with percussion accompaniments on cajon.

Critic Jacques Los about the first meeting of Godard, Kamperman & Van Geel on ZomerJazzFietsTour: “The three men played with visible pleasure and were very well attuned to one another. Each one of them is a formidable improviser. (…) Due to their enthusiastic musicianship and rhythmic upbeat music the ZJFT could not wish for a better finale. ”

CD available november 2017!!!

Estampie comp Steven Kamperman


Mirie it is trad, arr Steven Kamperman


Deus Ex comp Steven Kamperman


Jheroen’s Hel comp Steven Kamperman


Ciaconna comp Michel Godard