Residency in Paris

Read my blog to find out what I am doing during my residence in the Theo Van Doesburghuis in Meudon (Paris), and the thoughts about modern music that have come up during this residency.

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Steven Kamperman

Clarinets | Composition | Improvisation | Drums

Clarinettist and composer Steven Kamperman likes to take the listener and himself across borders. His career is witness to this: initially active as a pure jazz musician, he discovered non-Western music and toured the world for a decade with his Turkish-Dutch ensemble Baraná. He then wrote two successful contemporary operas that were much acclaimed by the press. He formed an innovative folk duo with hurdy-gurdy legend Valentin Clastrier, and with HOT Het Orgel Trio he plays wide-ranging and theatrical jazz in churches. And in addition to all this, in recent years he has also developed into a drummer.

Even within one project, the influences are often diverse, from early music to modern dance music, always with a twist. Underneath this love for the unknown lies an urge for unvarnished expression. The result is a very recognizable sound, an abrasive beauty, in which ancient and progressive sounds merge in a natural fashion.


“Steven Kamperman just might be one of the best clarinet players in the Netherlands, but he certainly is the most adventurous one.” (Moors Magazine)

“Steven Kamperman completely lives up to his reputation of being one of the best clarinettists in the Netherlands: he can do anything with his instruments” (Orgelnieuws)

“Rampant imagination” (fRoots)

“One of the most adventurous musical spirits of our country” (Ton Maas, MixedWorldMusic)

“The eclectic music of Steven Kamperman not only rocks, but also contains beautiful, mysterious cantilenes”

(Mischa Spel, NRC)