Steven Kamperman

Compositions | Clarinets | Drums

Steven Kamperman combines a burning lyricism with an ever-readiness for adventure


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Moorsmagazine about Steven Kamperman

“Steven Kamperman is by far the most versatile and adventurous reed player I know. He formed the core of the world fusion ensemble Barana with Behsat Üvez, was in the Balkan orchestra Carlama Orkestar, went back to the primal jazz of Charlie Parker and co. with HOT, The Organ Trio, made a great album with the French hurdy-gurdy innovator Valentin Clastrier, wrote no less than two operas, Hildegard and Roodhapje, made brilliant world fusion jazz with the Horizon Trio, had carnival and jazz come together on Carrousel, brought Europe together in a unique way in Neoropa (with Michel Godard), made a musical portrait of the big city with City Maps, and then I forget quite a few, but as an introduction this seemed impressive enough.” Moorsmagazine August 2023


“Steven Kamperman completely lives up to his reputation of being one of the best clarinettists in the Netherlands: he can do anything with his instruments” (Orgelnieuws)

“Rampant imagination” (fRoots)

“One of the most adventurous musical spirits of our country” (Ton Maas, MixedWorldMusic)

“The eclectic music of Steven Kamperman not only rocks, but also contains beautiful, mysterious cantilenes”

(Mischa Spel, NRC)

Residency in Paris

Read my blog to find out what I have been doing during my residence in the Theo Van Doesburghuis in Meudon (Paris), and my thoughts about whether his modernism still has a place in the current music industry.