Baraná Festival, Michel Godard Trio, Moscow Art Trio (day 1)

by stevenkamperman on 14/05/2012

On some days, everything is just perfect. So this will be a very boring blog probably… Well, let’s keep it to the essentials then.

We started of our own Baraná World Jazz Festival ourselves with a concert of our own acoustic Baraná Quintet, with vocalist Sanem Kalfa as a special guest. The quintet had not played very often in my hometown Utrecht, strangely enough, so it felt good to present this concert, and the band was highly concentrated. Bass player Meinrad Kneer and drummer Sebastian Demydczuk were telepathically bonded together, I guess. Sanem was great also. After our concert, I had to run to the studio literally, where an improvised duet between tubaist Michel Godard and horn player Arkady Shilkloper already kicked off. I was so happy that most of the musicians were enthusiastic to meet each other in these small intermezzos in the small studio: not evident when you are supposed to play a concert 10 minutes later, or when you just come out of your concert… But the duets were great, and added immensily to the philosophy of ‘meeting’ of this Baraná Festival. Another memorable duet was between Bart Lelivelt and singer/clarinettist Sergey Starostin, really beautiful. After the beautiful concert of Michel Godard Trio, I had the chance to meet him myself in a duet, which was very inspiring, and I look forward to our supposed meeting on a clarinet festival in Bretagne next year.
Last concert was performed by the Moscow Art Trio, a magnificent group that doesn’t play often in the Netherlands. They played some material of their upcoming disc, and some older compositions, and it was all just incredible. Intriguing world of their own, superb performance, great humour.

Everybody is smiling happily, I can’t wait the second day to start!

Michel Godard, Linda Bsiri, Jarrod Cagwin in Trio Ecoute le Vent

Sergey Sarostin, Micha Halperin and Arkady Shilkloper from Moscow Art Trio

All photo’s by Selma Scheewe,

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