Baraná in Turkey, day 10, 11, Canakkale and Izmir

by stevenkamperman on 19/10/2012

Canakkale, room with a view

We arrive in Canakkale fairly early, around 13.00. Canakkale is lying next to the Aegean sea, so we decide to have lunch in a fish restaurant, looking over the water. When we walk to the restaurant, we suddenly see a gigantic horse. It turns out to be the Trojan horse used in the film Troy, that was offered to the community. Canakkale is very near the historic site of Troje, the place that Heinrich Schliemann discovered after persistent searching and ignoring the fact that many people calling him mad. I would not know this kind of facts unless for Meinrad, which is yet another reason why it is so great to have him in the band. Then, surprise, surprise, we eat way too much, and everybody feels bad and stuffed. Meinrad and I try to walk it off, but with very little result. For the Nth time, we decide to quit eating forever.

We play in a smaller hall in Canakkale, and for the first it is not even sold out, we play for around 300 listeners. Funny how every city has its own ‘audience culture’. We almost start to wonder if people like it: the applauses are relatively short, and only about 15 people come to dance at the last song. But I know that this does not say anything about how people feel about the music. And it is the way I expected: people are extremely intense in their thanks after the concert.

After the show, we grab a bite next to our hotel, and we meet with some students who visited the show. When the restaurant closes early, we meet more students outside, and it is great fun to hang out with them, drinking some beers. In general it is so nice to talk with the young audience here. Apart from the strength of  Ceylan’s singing, I gradually came to see another strenght of Ceylan, maybe even more important. She is really becoming a role model. She shows an enormous strength as a woman, is outspoken, without becoming an unaccessable ‘diva’, which is what most Turkish singers do. I think it can inspire a lot of young women, so I hope her fame will spread.

On the way to Izmir next morning we pass through the beautiful Ayvalik mountains, this feels really like holiday! But the voyage is long, and when we arrive at the wrong hotel in Izmir (the 9 eylül Otel, instead of the Otel 9 eylül, can you believe it?) things start to get tiring. We have a messy soundcheck, without ever being on stage at the same time, but surprisingly the sound is the best up till now, during the concert. The TRT was supposed to film the concert, but at the last moment they call it off, for a reason I do not yet know. Pity, because this one would have been very nice to have.

Next day we have a traditional breakfast outside on the terras. I want this climate in Holland, and I want it NOW!! Time to say goodbye to Ceylan, who will return to Istanbul in the van. Hope to see her very soon again… We are heading for the airport this afternoon, going into Dutch rainy autumn.

Trojan horse in Canakkale

Concert in Canakkale

Eating after the concert, Mustafa and Ceylan

Ayvalik mountains, on the way from Canakkale to Izmir, you can see the Aegean Sea in the back

Soundcheck Izmir

Concert in Izmir


Breakfast outdoors in Izmir

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