Barana Turkey tour, day 3, Kayseri

by stevenkamperman on 12/10/2012

Baraná with Ceylan Ertem in Kayseri

We have to get up early, because we have a four and a halve hour drive to Kayseri in front of us. We see endless Anatolian scenery’s: brown/yellow hills, with very little trees or bushes, turning slowly in higher mountains. You could record quite a nice episode of Star Trek here.

In Kayseri we decide to have dinner in the afternoon already, because most restaurants will be closed after our show, since Kayseri is quite a conservative city. For the first time we see plenty covered women. Kayseri is known for its rich inhabitants and its good food. The rich inhabitants I don’t see, but that there is good food I can affirm. We eat delicious mezze and stews, drink whipped ayran and taste of a carb rich dessert. Delicious. Then we go to the hotel, and there Behsat meets Ceylan for the first time this tour. Hugging time…

We have some time during soundcheck, and we rehearse Sustum, which we did not play yet. The concert is in a large hall of the university, and the room is packed with 400 people. Lot’s of young people came to see the show, the average age must be about 25: usually our public is older. You can see that Ceylan has really established a name recently, justice! There are two girls that tell me they had been very excited all evening, because this was the first time they ever visited a jazz concert. Again, lots of photo’s to be taken and autographs to be signed. Good for the ego, let’s say.

Then at night we get some bad news: one of our tour managers had had a stomach ache for all day, and after consulting a doctor and running some tests, she hears that she has to run more tests. So she has to go to Istanbul for some days. Everybody is sad, because we like both our tour managers a lot. Next morning, luckily we hear that the tests do not indicate serious stuff.

Ayran with cream

Walking through the market/souk

Ceylan signing autographs


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