First concert with Sanem and George

by stevenkamperman on 01/02/2012

I was asked to do a workshop for Corrie van Binsbergen’s Brokkenfabriek at Zaal 100, Amsterdam. For four weeks I had studied with a couple of musicians on how to improvise on Turkish scales. It was fun, and a good preparation for my master class at Utrecht Conservatory last week about Making Modal Music.

Last sunday, we presented the workshop. After the presentation there was a carte blanche try-out concert with me. I had asked Turkish improviser/singer Sanem Kalfa and pop guitarist Jeff Sopacua. Jeff unfortunately could not make the gig, but his replacement was great: George Dumitriu, a suggestion of Sanem.

I had picked some older tunes and a new one, and we had rehearsed once together. The result was astonishing: the communication in the band is very good, it was fresh, Sanem is a diamond and George is a rock. Both in the good sense. Wow.

Corrie immediately asked us to perform on her Brokkenfestival in the Bimhuis Amsterdam, 30th of december. Nice, we have a second gig already!

I was amazed about all the people coming to this try-out situation. Two critics (there will be one review), some very great musicians, full house. Okay, it is small, but still…

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