Catch it if you can

Steven Kamperman (Horizon) Trio

ZenneZ Records ZR1311001


“A magical album with oriental beauty, Dutch humor and almost avant-garde, passionate yet playful jazz” (Moorsmagazine)

“Simply stating that this is a world-jazz crossover would do injustice to the band. (…) They bring an all comprehensive acoustical play, where humor, melancholy, orderand contemplation keep each other in the right balance. Music that tickles, makes you dream and is able to move you. A world record in all senses, shining over horizons in all directions”

• Steven Kamperman – alto clarinet • Sanem Kalfa – vocals • George Dumitriu – guitar, violin


Penguence (comp. Steven Kamperman, lyrics Orhan Günes)


Blended (comp. Steven Kamperman, lyrics Orhan Günes)