Gül Ve Bülbül

Barana Trio

(LopLop; Llr 22, 2007)

The Rose and the Nightingale has been a recurrent theme in Oriental poetry for centuries: the impossible love of a beautiful singing bird for a beautiful flower with nasty thorns. This theme is interpreted both serious and playful by Baraná Trio.

‘Real melting pot music’ (NRC), ‘Fantastic blend of world and jazz’ (Moors Magazine), ‘The music makes you intense happy’ (Trouw).

Steven Kamperman – clarinet , alto clarinet, melodica • Behsat Üvez – baglama, cura, percussion, voice • Bart Lelivelt – accordeon


Keten Gömlek Türküsü, composition Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman

Bir Firtina, traditional


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