Ileriye Anilar

Baraná & Co

(LopLop; Llr 20, 2006)

Memories of things to come is the title of Baraná & Co’s first studio album in 2006. A CD about time passing quicker and quicker, about lost loves and longings for a country that does not exist anymore. Named by De Pers in 2008 as best Dutch crossover record of the last years.

“In the first minute, I already hoped that this might be long, and luckily the album lasts almost an hour. (…) World class!” – Moors Magazine

Steven Kamperman – clarinet , alto clarinet • Behsat Üvez – baglama, cura, ud, percussion, voice • Mehmet Uludag – baglama, voice • Cengiz Baytemur – kaval, mey, ney, zurna • Kees Adolfsen – trombone • Monique Lansdorp – viool • Ernst Reijseger – cello • Afra Mussawisade – percussion


Turkish Jungle, composition Steven Kamperman


Felek Gayet Dönek, composition Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman


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