Speaking about life…

1 Step 7 Seas

LopLop; Llr 003, 1998

“1 Step 7 Seas, the quartet of reed player Steven Kamperman, sounds surprisingly sophisticated: a rich acoustic sound, smart slightly abstract compositions full of rhythmical tricks, and improvisations that balance gracefully between freedom and structure.

Kamperman’s  alto clarinet and alto sax blend harmoniously with Kees Adolfsen’s trombone, and besides the light and musical drumming of Chris Barchet stands the pleasantly wooden bass sound of Tjitze Vogel. Quite a nice debut, somewhere in between Bassdrumbone and Steve Coleman.” De Volkskrant, 1998

Steven Kamperman – alto saxophone, alto clarinet • Kees Adolfsen – trombone • Tjitze Vogel – double bass • Chris Barchet – drums

Second time only, composition Steven Kamperman[haiku url=”01-Second-time-only1.mp3″ title=”Second time only”]

Le repos du guerrier, composition Steven Kamperman[haiku url=”03-Le-repos-du-guerrier.mp3″ title=”Le repos du guerrier”]

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