City Maps – it’s not a visual concert, it’s a trip

Jazz clarinettist and composer Steven Kamperman likes to take the listener and himself across borders. Even within one project, the influences are often diverse, from early music to modern dance music, always with a twist. Underneath this love for the unknown lies an urge for unvarnished expression. The result is a very recognizable sound, an abrasive beauty, in which ancient and progressive sounds merge in a natural fashion.

For the project City Maps, Steven Kamperman wrote a series of pieces that together form a portrait of the modern city. Titles like Grand Boulevard, Cathedral, Dance Hall, Central Station and The Bridge can all be found on city maps. Together with Gent’s trumpet player Bart Maris, guitarist Jorrit Westerhof (Rotterdam), double bass player Dion Nijland (Utrecht) and film artist Henrietta Müller (Rotterdam), Kamperman takes the audience on an adventurous journey through an imaginary city. [Read & listen further below the photo]

The concrete jungle is dynamic, energetic, here and there overwhelmingly large, elsewhere moving with unexpected glimpses on picturesque corners. The poetic and colourful scenes of the city are filmed in co-operation with young filmer Henrietta Muller and projected live in dialogue with the music on two screens, surrounding the audience.

Steven Kamperman • alto & b-flat clarinet, drums, compositions; Bart Maris • trumpet, piccolo trumpet; Jorrit Westerhof • guitar; Dion Nijland • double bass; Henrietta Müller • film & VJ

(Under) The bridge

The Mall


Dance Hall


Photo Allard Willemse