Current projects

Maison Moderne

With live music, large pictures, and many anecdotes, Steven Kamperman takes you on a tour through the iconic Van Doesburg House in Meudon/Paris. Exciting chamber music, rocking rhythms, and a touch of dada.

Steven Kamperman (NL): alto clarinet, compositions | Oene van Geel (NL): viola| Paul Jarret (FR): electric guitar | Albert van Veenendaal (NL): piano

Prince Achmed

Concert and silent animation movie “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” (Lotte Reiniger 1926). Oriental melodic beauty and thunderous improvisations.

Steven Kamperman (NL): alto clarinet, compositions | Hamid Reza Behzadian (IR): Indian slide guitar, lapsteel, harmonica | Esat Ekincioğlu (TR): bass

HOT Het Orgel Trio | Sweelinck


Thou shalt!

“Thou shalt worship the rich and famous!” and other commandments of our day – upcoming duo album.

Steven Kamperman (NL): alto clarinet | Aki Rissanen (FI): piano

Drones & Dialogues

Live performance by an ensemble of low clarinets of Steven Kamperman’s upcoming solo album