Baraná Xenopolis

Baraná, under direction of Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman, meets the many sided and extremely talented Turkish pop singer Ceylan Ertem in an electrifying program about Istanbul



Click Here!, composition and lyrics Steven Kamperman, CD Xenopolis

[haiku url=”ClickHere.mp3″ title=”Click Here”]

Birinci Sinif, composition Steven Kamperman and Behsat Üvez, lyrics Ceylan Ertem

[haiku url=”BirinciSinif.mp3″ title=”Birinci Sinif”]

Ceylan Ertem vocals • Behsat Üvez: electric bağlama • Steven Kamperman: alto clarinet, soprano sax • Jeff Sopacua: guitar • Ernst Reijseger: cello • Afra Mussawissade: percussion

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