Valentin Clastrier & Steven Kamperman 2017

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“Ce duo est un orchestre, par moment acoustique, souvent électrique, rockisant, voire carrément punk, jazz aussi quand on y perçoit un brin de la folie de Roland Kirk, à moins que ce ne soit une touche d’hermétisme contemporain, ou l’emballement d’une fanfare.” Jazz’Halo Jean-Pierre Goffin

“Fabuloseries is an incredibly powerful CD; because of the mastery of the musicians, because of the unheard of sounds, because of the musical togetherness of these two musicians. But most of all because of their courage and ability to continuously find new turns, without ever loosing the special groove of this record. Considering its many influences, it’s kind of ridiculous to label this music with one style. It’s breathtakingly exciting and excellent music, even more remarkable considering the small and unusual instrumentation.” Trouw****, Micha Andriessen

“Breathtaking album” His Voice, Jan Hocek

‘They recorded a magnificent album, in which they proved themselves soulmates, making music you’d almost call ‘divine’. (…) Unique, new, embracing music; the tip of the year!’ Moorsmagazine

“A musical conversation that keeps you on the tips of your toes (…) FABULOSERIES is a terrific example of what the Britsh philosopher Collingwood meant when he explained the difference between entertainment and art: the first is easy to swallow, but leaves one behind with a feeling of emptiness, for the other one you have to exert yourself, but the reward is most gratifying. For me, this is the record of the year!” MixedWorldMusic Ton Maas

‘‘Fabuloseries’ is a sparkling new album in the twilight zone of jazz and folk. (…) These two amazing musicians create music with unprecedented inventiveness.  (…) For those with adventurous ears, try this music and you will be amazed of the exciting sounds which will carry you away.’ Musicframes

Samsara – comp. Steven Kamperman & Valentin Clastrier

Cyclotonique – comp. Steven Kamperman